Forme Science engaged Progage to run a marketing campaign with seven NFL football players to highlight the benefits of Forme's apparel technology.

Showcasing a Unique Product With Top-Tier Athletes

To share the benefits of their athletic line of wearable, Forme brought Progage in as the architect for a star-studded campaign. Working with multiple NFL players, Progage designed and produced a video production campaign to show the tangible benefits of wearing Forme. Progage structured the engagement to capture the live, authentic reactions of New York Giants football players, and the results were packaged into three short videos that are fast paced and show the benefits of Forme off to the world. The videos were shared across the social media channels of the athletes to build excitement and anticipation, and Forme was able to leverage the video assets in their own marketing.

Scope of Work

Talent Sourcing

Video Production

Creating a Successful Campaign
Progage handled all facets of this campaign, from campaign inception to final delivery, so all Forme had to do was provide communication and guidance to allow Progage to execute the vision. Progage engaged and negotiated with all the athletes, handled production, including identifying and renting shooting space, and produced the final video edits at the instruction of Forme.
Taking Care of the Details
Progage worked closely with Forme to ensure that the final product was of the highest quality and met all the required specifications. During the shoot, the team worked hard to create an atmosphere where the athletes were comfortable and having fun so that they had the best possible experience while shooting. 

The campaign was a success, and all of the videos produced were well-received by the target audience. Progage is proud to have been a part of this successful campaign helping Dr. Liu and the Forme team share their products with professional athletes and a broader audience.
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Progage co-founders playing basketball.

Progage came to life in early 2021, when NFL football player Kaden Smith and entrepreneur Kyle Fenner came together to create a sports marketing agency focused on helping brands win via creative storytelling and social media marketing.