Brand Features and their Impact on Recall and Recognition

Brand videos are unequivocally one of the most genuine ways to promote your brand to a new audience and win a new level of trust with customers. In today's article, we walk through five reasons to immediately invest in a brand video and the reasoning why it helps build a fresh wave of trust with customers, both new and old.
Brand Features and their Impact on Recall and Recognition
January 17, 2023

Storytelling: We've talked about it before in this newsletter and on our social media platforms, but we've never fully discussed one of the most effective pieces of content out there.

I'm talking about the brand video as one of the crown jewels of your marketing strategy. Not only does it invite your audience behind the scenes, but it allows someone to feel like they truly understand who you and your team actually are outside of the office or video call. 

Below I've offered five simple reasons for your organization to invest in a brand video this quarter. (Psst...make sure you let us know which strategies your team uses for brand recall, and you can be entered for a chance to earn a company feature!)


  1. Increase brand awareness - Blackwood for Men x John Dreiling
    A well-crafted video can tell your brand's story and showcase your products or services in a way that text and images can't. The goal is to create a piece that a wider audience will consumer without immediately zoning out like a normal advertisement. Take John Dreiling's chat about wakeboarding and theoretical physics for example. 

  2. Improved engagement - Travis Mathew Women's Line
    Videos are more engaging than static content, and viewers are more likely to share and remember video content than text or images. The key is finding a way to hook your audience with something new and fresh. Travis Mathew crushed this concept when they created a brand video over their new women's clothing line.

  3. Boost conversions - No Laying Up x H&B
    Videos are a powerful tool for driving conversions, as they allow customers to see your products in action and understand their benefits. No Laying Up, one of the most popular groups in the golf scene, partnered with Holderness and Borne for a brand-new fall collection and absolutely crushed their sales thanks to features like the video linked above. In fact, they fight to keep their shelves stocked! 

  4. Enhance recall and recognition - Scottish Rite, Defining Greatness
    A video can help customers visualize their experience with your brand and product, and it can be a powerful way to create an emotional connection. Competition is everywhere and you need a way for your brand and quality to stand out. For parents deciding on the best care for their son or daughter, Scottish Rite for Children's Hospital is easy to remember thanks to videos like this Defining Greatness campaign

  5. Win loyalty - Ram Trucks "Farmer" 
    By providing customers with a clear visual representation of what they can expect, not only from the product itself, but from the brand and the values they represent, you form bonds with the audience. One of the most powerful examples of this was the Ram Trucks "Farmer" campaign. It remains as one of the most brilliant and most viewed brand videos of all time.

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Mitchell Mason

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